Tavazo History

I am Hossein Tavazo born in 1931 in Tabriz.

father Mr. Ali born in 1891 in Tabriz opened the first shop in 1912.When I was five years old I went to work. During the next ages i was constantly improving our products quality and i had consequently the great honor of gaining three medals of premier quality from the Ministry of Agriculture in 1947, 1949 and 1957 .

Now while my children and Iliad were under my direct supervision and support I was thinking about retirement.

My daughter Farimah and my grandson Iliad as the fourth generation of Tavazo continued the business and expanded that internationally and succeeded to register TAVAZO as an international Trade Mark. They are actively working in Europe, USA, Russia,Turkey  have successfully created TAVAZO a famous brand in food business all around the world.

Now after a lifetime activity in this business it’s my great pride that my children and my grandchildren could highly improve our products quality and make Tavazo a worldwide famous brand for food . I wish them a lot of success and I advise them to prepare and present the highest quality products and keep the Tavazo as the top brand for ever.